« Rebels self-portraits » by Dania, Jose Luis, Erik, Dylan, May, Evelyn, Yasael, Perla, Demian, Wendi, Kevin, Keira, Tonio, Uriel, Emmanuel, Valeria, Martha, Alexis, Jazmin, Josué, Emiliano, Perla, Valam, Brian, Britany, Genaro, Fernando, Fani, Citlali, Arelli, Pamela, Jeremi, Ana Claudia, Carolina, Paulina.
Embroderies realized by young kids from Ocotitlan school, Amaltan school and Morelos school in Mexico as part of the FITE.
Children made their own portrait by thinking of their « rebel » side. Then, they just embroidered it on a piece of fabric. For the majority of them, they were discovering the embroidery for the first time. The parents of the children realized the finishing touches of their work.
This work was made in partnership with Aude DEPALLE who is a therapeutic artist, Maria Guadalupe Garcia Vargas who is a textile designer, Maria Ana Garcia Franco and Rosalia Cortes Yanez who are schools’ directors of Amatlan school and Ocotitlan school.

Children from those school came in Mexico DF in order to discover the « Rebels » exhibition at La Casa de Francia IFAL during the FITE. And they were very proud to see that their works were a part of the exhibition.

Thanks to our generous sponsors : Los LaboratoriosThea Mexico and Hilos Omega

The FITE is a co-production from the HS-PROJETS association, the City of Clermont-Ferrand and the Museum Bargoin from Clermont Metropolis.

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