La Casa de Francia – IFAL in Mexico DF, is welcoming the 2017 edition of the FITE and its exhibition « Rebels » until 31st march.

The « Rebels » exhibition at La Casa de Francia – IFAL in Mexico DF was set up by the museum Bargoin from Clermont-Ferrand, France. It’s part of the 2017 edition of the FITE.

Open from Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m and 7 p.m. until the 31st march. Free entry.

 The exhibition is exploring differents « Rebels » expressions from all around the world. Those Rebels are aiming at freedom and equality without any violences against the opression. The exhibition is interest in society projects which are cutting with the normality and which are rejecting the fatality and wrong evidences, « creators of a new world »(Leyla Dakhli). It add value to society projects which deal with other things that « misery, poverty, deficiency, pain, sexism and other form of dicriminations » that freedom has no sense with. (Nelson Mandela).

Thanks to the creators : le collectif Asaro from Mexico ; Jean Ulrick Désert from Germany ; Charles Fréger from France ; Nadia Gomez from Mexico ; Faig Ahmed from Azerbaïdjan ; Hassan Musa from France ; Sasha Nassar from France and Israel ; Pathé’O from Côte d’Ivoire ; Carmen Rion from Mexico ; Santanu Das (Maku Textiles) from India ; Yara El Sherbini from United Kingdom ; les créatrices d’Arpilleras ; Bucol/HTH ; textile workers and embroiderer from Malacate ; Ralph Zimam from the United States of America.

Thanks to our money-lender : the embassy of India, Mexico ; le musée du Quai Branly, Paris ; Dominique Miraille from le musée de la Mode, Albi ; le musée du Vieux Toulouse ; le musée de la Chemiserie et de l’Elégance Masculine, Argenton-sur-Creuse ; HTH/ Bucol, Lyon ; Roberta Bacic ; Reno Leplat-Torti ; la Coleccion Chichimeca commissariat Gail Lusby ; Eva Shakouri (Galery La Caja Blanca), Mallorca, Spain ; Montoro12 Contemporary Art Massimo Micucci and Olga Seleznyova, Roma, Italie ; Mexico. Karla Pérez Canovas.

Thanks to our sponsors : Picto Rhône Alpes ; MEDIAFIX at Clermont-Ferrand ; Satab at Saint Malmont ; Texprotech at Ambert ; Laboratory THEA at Clermont-Ferrand ; Bucol/ HTH at Lyon ; Establishments Pierre Cornillon and Cie, Sainte Sigolène ; Elite Service et Transports, Suisse ; France Patchwork ; Grain de couleur, Valsonne ; Picto Rhône Alpes.

Le FITE est un coproduction de l’association HS Projets, de la Ville de Clermont-Ferrand et du musée Bargoin de Clermont Métropole.

The FITE is a co-production from HS-PROJETS association, the City of Clermont-Ferrand and the museum Bargoin from Clermont Metropolis.

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