Coral Artefact : a new project boosted by the FITE, supported by the DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Clermont Auvergne Métropole


Artistic creations and laboratory research to create a lace capable of regenerating the coral reef.


As part of the FITE, HS-Projets introduced Jérémy Gobé who extend the life of coral’s skeleton through his art, to the Scop Fontanille. The artist discovered an innovative company, where all the employees are in love of their common know-how. They introduced the « point d’esprit » to Jérémy Gobé which is a traditional lace point from this area and which is identical to a coral cell.


The lace of Puy en Velay to save the coral reef, such is the bet launched by the artist Jérémy Gobé in partnership with the Scop Fontanille, producer of lace and with the collaboration of Isabelle Domart-Coulon, researcher in marine biology. Due to global warming, the coral loses its symbiotic microalgae and these whitening episodes weaken it, causing its death. The degradation of the reefs also hinders the reproduction of corals and the fixation of new coral larvae which drift and do not regenerate the reef, accelerating its loss. The lace will make it possible to create an interface between the coral and its environment, providing a support compatible with the coral cells, allowing the regeneration of the barrier again.

Laboratory research is conducted to validate the compatibility between cotton lace and coral cells. From this research will be born the artistic creations of the project (monumental installation in lace, sculptures, graphic studies, …)


The emergency is to find a substance, a « foundation » that can help to develop new corals’ cutting and to set them up into the annihilate coral reefs. Apart from a visual similarity, the lace has a lot of advantages : transparency, roughness, biodegradability, … It is for this reasons that Jérémy Gobé initiated the idea to use the lace from Puy en Velay as a foundation for the recolonisation of the coral reefs. He gathered the expertise of the scientist Isabelle Domart-Coulon, inside an Art/ Science/ Industrial adventure.


A monumental artistic installation, which will looks like a coral reef in laces. This installation, created by Jérémy Gobé, realized by Fontanille in collaboration with the scientist Isabelle Domart-Coulon, produced by HS-Projets, thanks to the support of the DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and the metropolis clermontoise, will be a technical and artistic challenge. This installation will be one of the awareness vectors about the coral reefs’ problems beside the public. Laboratory research which will allow the elaboration of  laces capable of helping to repopulate and regenerte some coral colonies. From the junction of this 2 axes of reflexion will born the project’s plastic creations.


Jérémy Gobé materialized this idea on coral’s skeletons. With the time passing and the fossilisation, their distinctive patterns disappeared. So, he just recovered this skeletons with Puy en Velay’s lace thanks to a biogical coat. This application allowed the corals to recover their roughness which is a primordial capacity to allow new coral’s cells to hang on a living reef. This first plastic testing was born from a scientific feeling gives an example of plastic shapes that will be produced by CORAIL / ARTEFACT. Here, facts seem to converge  and reinforce this institution. This idea is also carrying a message : the union of an artistic vision, a scientific research, a traditional and innovative know-how and a social will authorize to offer new solutions to our time’s stakes.

Actors and partners of the project :


Odile Ouizeman 10/12 rue des coutures saint gervais
75003 paris
01 42 71 91 89

Le Séjalat CS50160, 16 route de Compostelle
Espaly Saint-Marcel 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
06 08 48 32 27

Maître de conférences MNHN
01 40 79 48 08


Christine Bouilloc
45 Rue Ballainvilliers
63000 Clermont-Ferrand

64 Avenue de l’Union Soviétique
63007 Clermont-Ferrand


Christine Athenor/Thomas Leveugle
7 place Gailleton
69002 Lyon
09 53 89 17 98  / 06 63 61 90 55


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