Workshops in libraries

From April to September 2018 are offered within the FITE creation workshops in Clermont-Ferrand librairies.

Open to all, experienced or not, those workshops allow to discover embroidery on pictures and customization and sewing techniques.

Atelier de broderie d’images

In order to pursue photographer Bruno Boudjelal‘s residence for children from Croix-de-Neyrat, Champratel and Vergnes district, Fatiha Noura offers embroidery whorkshops. From sophisticated patterns made by children, the aim is to create an embroider frame to go with the photography which will be transfered on a textile support. You can discover or refine your knowledge thanks to this textile workshop.

Atelier création de costume

In preparation of the FITE’S public dance which take place on September 22nd, we offer you to create your costume using old useless pieces of clothes : discover customisation and stitching while exploring your creativity.


More informations on days and hours of workshops on the 2018 FITE programme

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