Fashion show – 22nd of September

On September 22nd 2018, on Place de la Victoire, will be presented during a fashion show creations of Naco Paris (France), MIS WUDE (Senegal), Claire Eliot (France) and Eloi Sessou (Ivory Coast).
For  Claire Eliot, “clothing reacts to his surroundings”… That is why for this 2018 edition the fashion show will start during the day and finish at night : creations will be subjected to a changing environment, making you travel in French, Senegalese and Ivorian universes.

Artistic direction of the show : Naco Paris and Jacqueline Mamelle
Hairstyle creation of the show : Rust 

  • Naco Paris

    Described by the press as “the only fashion designer who doesn’t like fashion” or “the Robin Hood of fashion”, Naco Paris has been creating unisex collections inspired by his personal universe, his taste for art, the underground scene and the unusual since 2001.

    His collections combine ultra-modern aesthetics with a punk and minimalist attitude to condemn the excessive consumption of the luxury industry.


Studio WUDÉ is a fine leather goods company exploring issues of identity rooted in West African culture through in-depth research on traditional techniques, their transmission and the use of resources in the context of globalization.

  • Claire Eliot

As a co-founder of Fashion Tech, Claire Eliot is a pioneer of this transformation. By reacting to their environment, her textile creations pave the way to new modes of sensory communication, endowing the wearer with supernatural powers. Her clothes are designed for thinking beings embedded in networks of social relationships, whose choices inform their outward appearance and that of their clothes. Connectivity is woven within the fabric itself, allowing the wearer to deploy virtual information streams and to overcome his or her physical limitations through the hybridization of human body and technology.

  • Eloi Sessou

    Ivorian designer Eloi Sessou has been part of the fashion scene for fifteen years. His style consists in a symbiosis of clothing cultures harmoniously combined to create perfectly interpreted symphonies on the catwalks of Ivorian, African and Western fashion shows, to the delight of stylish consumers wise to the merits of these pieces.


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