Starting in 1999, Charles Fréger has been gathering his series of photographs under one project entitled “photographix portraits” and “uniforms”. Embroidery, silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, feathers, silk, a whole corpus of materials enhanced by bright tangy colors – Charles Freger’s exhibition “Fabula” is thus fanning out at the Hôtel Fontfreyde.

The “Fabula” exhibition juxtaposes various series of photographs taken in Africa, Asia or New Zealand. New Zealand schoolboys can stand side by side with actors from the Beijing Opera and Togolese people dressed up for voodoo worship.

Charles Fréger’s photographic work can be seen in various lights : anthropological, pictorial, poetical etc. Like the unusual standing og a play, “Fabula” offers its visitors/spectators a contemplative exhibition where meeting the other is sheer delight.

Source :

Catalogue du Festival International des Textiles Extra ordinaires, 2016 REBELLES

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