Agnès Leblond creations

“Coming from a colorist training, I worked during a long time in painting restoration”.
“This activity gave me the experience of researching color variations and combinations”.

Jewels created by Agnès Leblond are all made with varied pearls, high quality, in Swarovski cristal, in pearly glass, ished or frosted, faceted, tanned, sometimes old pearls, some mouth-blown.
Those pearls  organized with precision create at all time games of light, transparencies, reflections, sparkles.
Collars are mounted on a wired wire borrowed from high-tech industries, consisting of micro-strands of steel treated, twisted and sheathed nylon, constituting a thin, flexible and extremely resistant.
Each model is associated with several earrings.

Source : Agnès Leblond créations 

LA VANNIÈRE – Joëlle Lutz

Raw material becomes, under the influence of entangling, a piece of art which reflects a fragile balance, an ambivalence I care about : between the simplicity of the natural and the braiding complexity. This approach has always been fundamental to my mind. Basketry, besides producing an object from a material, allows to question human relationship to nature, through the utilitarian aspect of the object obviously, but also and especially its aestheticism. Thus, the basket, becomes a piece of art, emancipating from his only practical role to generate an artistic emotion while keeping a real anchoring within the real and in a past that talks to anyone. It is specifically this tension between heritage between old know-how and artistic innovation that forms the essence of my work.

Source : Joelle Lutz

Eloi Sessou

Eloi Sessou is a proud Ivorian in the midst of an exciting movement in modern African fashion. His design signature is a combination of African fashion details like Maasai necklines and local beads, combined with chic western styling of the ‘50s to ‘70s.

In his path to becoming a fashion designer, he became keenly aware of the unique ways that African women wear fabrics, jewellery and embroidery. He explores these cultural expressions within his own creative vision of fashion.

Source : Vlisco

Wool Follies

My name is Andreea, I am romanian living in France and passionate about interior design. I created WOOL Folliesto share a little of me and my double cultural influence: on one hand my home region, the Maramures and my home country, Romania, and on the other hand my second country, the one who welcomed me, France.

The art of hand weaving is specific to Romania. WOOL Follies features hand weaved tapestries and wool carpets with traditional Romanian motifs reinterpreted “à la Française”.

Hand weaving  touches me particularly as  in the past it served to dress the Romanian families and create thus the Romanian traditional port, and also to decorate the Romanian homes. All these objects, “cultural treasures” that come from the past, were hand-woven with patience and carefulness.

I wanted to give life to unique tapestry models in order to share this heritage
… By reinterpreting traditional motifs in a modern and colorful vision,
… Experimenting materials,
… While keeping intact the handmade production of passionate craftsmen on wooden looms.

Source : Wool Follies

Exhibition Deviations at Bargoin Museum

Déviations, BARGOIN MuSEUM, FROM JUNE 29TH, 2018 until january 6th, 2019

For this 2018 FITE’s edition, the exhibition presented at Bargoin Museum is exploring textile and human “deviations”,  with both the transgression of rules and assigned roles as well as the circulation of know-how and humans. Sometimes causing pile-ups, creators of hybrid objects and meetings, those deviations lead to transcendence which links humans beyond their differences. Heritage pieces coming from Bargoin Museum’s collection and artworks of young artists and artisans are reunited, and some, more famous, from personalities coming from the five continents, answering to the keywords which punctuate those unusual paths.

Among 22 creators reunited during this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to discover :

Practical informations

Prices : 5€ full price / 3€ reduced price. The exhibition is free the 15th and the 16th of September on the occasion of the European Days of Heritage & all first Sundays of the month.

Guided Tour can be set up on request (subject to availability). Informations and registration through the reception of the museum or by calling this number : 04 73 42 69 70.
Prices : entrance price + 4.50 € – Time : around 1 hour – Suitable for all. We advice you to book your guided tour.