Brancovan palace in Bucharest

The palace of Brancovan, near Bucharest (45 min by car), will exhibit three installations of the FITE in a place full of history.

  • VIDEO INSTALLATION Collecte de gestes en exil (Collection of gestures in exile)

Filmed projection of offered gestures to asylum seekers, highlighting everyone’s humanity to share, despite situations, by Anou Skan company, Sophie Tabakov, Laurent Soubise, and Didier Dematons for video realization.

  • INSTALLATION Déviations… travaillées au corps (Deviations… Beaten on the body)

Costumes creation linked with the body, internal, external, deconstructing standards, diverting looks and upset life paths, by students of ENSATT (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre) in Costume Conception, second and third years, in partnership with HTH/Bucol.

  • INSTALLATION Là d’où je viens, là où je suis (Where I come from, where I am)
    by photographer Bruno Boudjelal


Adress :
Strada Valea Parcului nr. 1

Contemporary art space – National University of Arts of Bucharest

The contemporary art space of National University of Arts of Bucharest will welcome installation Corail / Artefact by Jérémy Gobé (Bargoin Museum, Clermont Ferrand, France, from September to January 2018).


Adress :
Strada Băiculeşti nr.29
București – Romania

Exhibition Bruno Boudjelal – Hotel Fontfreyde – photographic center

“Habiterai-je un jour dans la maison ?”

The hotel Fontfreyde – Photographic center is honoring the photographic work of Bruno Boudjelal. Invited for a residency by Clermont-Ferrand city, the photographer worked in Croix-de-Neyrat, Champratel and Vergnes districts for two years, to present several photographic and videographic series tackling themes such as travel, house, waiting and tramway.

Born in Montreuil in 1961, Bruno Boudjelal practise photography as a lifestyle. In 1993, he tracks his paternal origins in Algeria. This discover is the departure point of ten years of very personal explorations that lead him, between travel books and reports, to question his own identity.


Hôtel Fontfreyde Centre photographique
34, rue des Gras
04 73 42 31 80

From May 4th to September 23th
From Monday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and open Sunday 16th of September on the occasion of the European Days of Heritage and Sunday  23th of September.

Free entry 

Fashion show – 22nd of September

On September 22nd 2018, on Place de la Victoire, will be presented during a fashion show creations of Naco Paris (France), MIS WUDE (Senegal), Claire Eliot (France) and Eloi Sessou (Ivory Coast).
For  Claire Eliot, “clothing reacts to his surroundings”… That is why for this 2018 edition the fashion show will start during the day and finish at night : creations will be subjected to a changing environment, making you travel in French, Senegalese and Ivorian universes.

Artistic direction of the show : Naco Paris and Jacqueline Mamelle
Hairstyle creation of the show : Rust 

  • Naco Paris

    Described by the press as “the only fashion designer who doesn’t like fashion” or “the Robin Hood of fashion”, Naco Paris has been creating unisex collections inspired by his personal universe, his taste for art, the underground scene and the unusual since 2001.

    His collections combine ultra-modern aesthetics with a punk and minimalist attitude to condemn the excessive consumption of the luxury industry.


Studio WUDÉ is a fine leather goods company exploring issues of identity rooted in West African culture through in-depth research on traditional techniques, their transmission and the use of resources in the context of globalization.

  • Claire Eliot

As a co-founder of Fashion Tech, Claire Eliot is a pioneer of this transformation. By reacting to their environment, her textile creations pave the way to new modes of sensory communication, endowing the wearer with supernatural powers. Her clothes are designed for thinking beings embedded in networks of social relationships, whose choices inform their outward appearance and that of their clothes. Connectivity is woven within the fabric itself, allowing the wearer to deploy virtual information streams and to overcome his or her physical limitations through the hybridization of human body and technology.

  • Eloi Sessou

    Ivorian designer Eloi Sessou has been part of the fashion scene for fifteen years. His style consists in a symbiosis of clothing cultures harmoniously combined to create perfectly interpreted symphonies on the catwalks of Ivorian, African and Western fashion shows, to the delight of stylish consumers wise to the merits of these pieces.


Museum of the Lace Factory of Retournac

Find also the FITE in Retournac (2h from Clermont-Ferrand or Lyon) at musée des Manufactures de Dentelles de Retournac (Museum of the Lace Factory of Retournac)

Retrouvez aussi le FITE à Retournac (à 2h de Clermont-Ferrand ou de Lyon) au musée des Manufactures de Dentelles de Retournac, du 11 juillet au 28 septembre 2018. 

  • EXHIBITION “From romanian textile traditions to contemporary textile art : metamorphosis of raw silk”

    An exhibition offered by ethnographic museum of Brasov, Romania.

    Opening on Wednesday 11th at 11:30 a.m.

  • Unique presentation module Coral / Artefact

    Echoing the project Corail / Artefact by Jérémy Gobé in partnership with Fontanille Scop from Puy en Velay, Isabelle Domart-Coulon, ocean scientist MCAM/MNHN – supported by DRAC Auvergne Rhône Alpes and Clermont Auvergne Métropole, as part of Art Entreprise residency iniated by HS_Projets.

    Opening on Wednesday 11th at 11:30 a.m.

  • The museum at the showroom – creators’ market in Clermont-Ferrand

Objects and other textile creations in lace of Retournac, to discover in Retournac.

Friday 21st and saturday 22nd of september from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sunday 23rd of september from 9 a.m to 1 p.m.

practical informations

Musée des Manufactures de Dentelles
14 avenue de la gare
43130 Retournac
Phone : 33(0)4-71-59-41-63
E-mail :
Website :

Every day from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. / until 7 p.m. in July and August

Individual rates : 5 € full price / 3,5 € reduced price / free for children until 12 years old.
Group rates (more than 10 persons) : 3,5 € per personne + guided tour package 30 €, on reservation (morning or afternoon)


Houmaissa is an association devoted to development in the Rhône-Alpes region founded in 2008. It mainly supports artists and craftworkers who have social and economic problems in African countries and it promotes their know how and/or their creations outside of their countries and especially in France. The association is interested in all textile creations from Africa ; at the Showroom, various creations from Mali, Ghana, Tunisia and the Ivory Coast will be shown. The sale of those artistic creations will allow the development of projects designed to support craftworkers.

Workshops in libraries

From April to September 2018 are offered within the FITE creation workshops in Clermont-Ferrand librairies.

Open to all, experienced or not, those workshops allow to discover embroidery on pictures and customization and sewing techniques.

Atelier de broderie d’images

In order to pursue photographer Bruno Boudjelal‘s residence for children from Croix-de-Neyrat, Champratel and Vergnes district, Fatiha Noura offers embroidery whorkshops. From sophisticated patterns made by children, the aim is to create an embroider frame to go with the photography which will be transfered on a textile support. You can discover or refine your knowledge thanks to this textile workshop.

Atelier création de costume

In preparation of the FITE’S public dance which take place on September 22nd, we offer you to create your costume using old useless pieces of clothes : discover customisation and stitching while exploring your creativity.


More informations on days and hours of workshops on the 2018 FITE programme

Objets de soi – Chantal Tichit

Chantal Tichit is a plasticien and accessory leatherwork creator of unexpected textile.
These two practices are nourishing each other and reference to bodies, to these real and fantasy images.

Hidden bodies, unveiled bodies, bodies always being implemented.

She explores frontiers, upstream and downstream the skin, proposing then textile objects which are added elements to the garment.

For those nooks and crannies, she uses precious textiles and elaborate, from drawings and plans, realizations with refined finishing and combinations.

Source : Objets de Soi